Episode Ten: Wendy C. Ortiz Is Controlling Her Own Narrative

The BinderCast is the only podcast exclusively devoted to women and gender non-conforming writers and their careers. In each episode, co-hosts Lux Alptraum and Leigh Stein tackle the essential questions of making it as a writer. Produced by Jennifer Lai.

Getting your story out there, in the way you want it to be told, is always a struggle – especially when you’re relying on someone else to package and market that story appropriately. For Wendy C. Ortiz, whose first book told the story of her taboo relationship with her middle school English teacher, finding a publisher who understood her story, and didn’t make her feel exploited, was a serious challenge. This week, we chat with her about tackling the topic of teen sexuality, finding a publisher who truly understands your book, and the benefits of going with a small press.

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