End of Year Shoutouts!

Let’s pat ourselves on the back – Bindercon got a shoutout by Mailchimp about our successful Kickstarter campaign!

Although it feels like a little chump change compared to Bustle‘s raising of $15.5 million. Congrats!

We say the more the merrier. Speaking of more – watch four of our favorite women discuss “Millennial Feminism” at Pass the Mic at the 92Y.

As 2014 winds down, the team decided to finish this sentence @BinderCon: “All I want this holiday season is ________”

Twitter Response to Christmas


warm socks! With my commute, I’ve come to truly appreciate my small collection of wooly socks


To get one really good essay done before the end of the year


All I want for the holidays is a self-cleaning desk. And OK, more time to write.

The wishes via Facebook page

Facebook Response Holiday Wish


Someone make these wishes come true! (Cue “Beauty & the Beast”)



In case you missed it…

The first week of December is already behind us and soon we’ll be cheering in 2015! Have you done your holiday shopping? If not, check out these auction items to support WAM! (Those getaways sound like the perfect gift for a writer looking for a retreat.)

The end of year means a plethora of end of year round up lists. This one discusses best books as picked by Slate. No surprise who’s on there!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.34.52 PM

Here’s a review of the New York Times‘ list of “Notable Books” over the years from Salon:

All that seems true, but so many good books are published every year that it sometimes seems that any trend is mostly a matter of perception and emphasis.

Another from Flavorwire:

Indeed, for the second year running, I have no complaints with the  year-end Times lists, at least not gender-wise.

And last but not least, some writing do NOTs from NYT‘s “Modern Love” via Facebook. New Year’s resolution anyone? i.e. “13. I curled up with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s”


Required Readings: Links of the Week

The holidays are upon us, and we have the best gift of all for you: BinderCon is coming to Los Angeles in March 2015! Don’t forget to submit your speaker proposals by Dec. 15. And if you need a little help affording your BinderCon ticket, be sure to apply for a scholarship (deadline is December 31).

Need a reminder of what goes on at BinderCon? Here’s a recap of some of New York’s best soundbites via Ali Vitali on MSNBC.

On the attendee front, Kari Larsen recapped the two-day event, documented partly via Instagram:


A lot has happened since then. The Butter (The Toast’s new sister site) with Roxane Gay is up and running:

I am surprised by how quickly fall came and went. One day, I looked out my window and enjoyed a bright shock of red and orange. Today, the trees are bare and spindly, skeletal.

Another girl-powered community content platform, Femsplain, just launched:

I wanted to write about my own experience so like all the teens on Tumblr could see it and know that they’re not alone in the pressure so this is the FemFappening – please hold all the hate sub-tweets til after all the pieces

Speaking of poetry: brush up on documentary style artistry by taking a look at keynote speaker Leslie Jamison’s essay in the New York Times Bookends:

But how can the writer do this work of witnessing well? And what good can it do? I feel how these questions swell against the column margins. What can I say in 650 words?

And for those who’ve been feeling a little blocked when it comes to reading, here’s BinderCon co-founder Leigh Stein with a little advice:

My reader’s block doesn’t really prevent me from reading, though, it just prevents me from finishing anything

And last but not least: your quote of the day from BinderCon speaker Jessica McGlory. Let her words inspire you through your holiday stress:

You need to be a little more of an asshole.