BinderCon Success Stories: Veronica & Valentina

We’re always thrilled to see how our programming, support and efforts have helped women and non-binary writers, but it’s not every day we hear about a sister team! We hope you enjoy reading about the RossMottley sisters’ experiences at BinderCon:

veronica-valentina at bindercon

Valentina says: 

I’ve gone to three Bindercon conferences so far and each and every time I have transformative experiences. I’ve been given countless opportunities to connect with women but more importantly women who write. Each time I make a new friend or network with a potential future colleague the foundation for my career becomes stronger and more dynamic. I haven’t done well with the traditional school structure in the past and I find this conference fills that educational space for me. These conferences really have been such a value to me that it can’t be quantified.


Veronica says:

Bindercon has impacted my life in immeasurable ways; most significantly with the women I’ve been connected to through this semi-annual conference. I have no idea how I would have met writers who I now consider my mentors, my friends, and the people who inspire me to work hard and believe in myself on a consistent basis.  Providing a space for women and gender non-conforming writers to get together, learn from each other, and help each other with their careers is vital. Having dropped out of university, I’ve decidedly been taking an alternative route to my goals. Out of the Binders has helped me get right back on track; especially with the practice pitch meetings. I was able to meet producers whose work I love and was given amazing advice and support. The general atmosphere of the two day event is so encouraging and inspiring! And importantly, it is still very realistic. The balance of the creative panels and workshops with the business ones is one that I personally really enjoy. I’ve made several incredible work connections from this conference that continue to grow. It may sound dramatic, but with complete honesty Bindercon has changed my life. I will always be very grateful to everyone who puts so much time and effort into making the conferences not only happen, but constantly improve. Thank you so much!