Crowdfunding Tips for Your BinderCon Trip

Annamarya Scaccia, Ariel Shearer, Lindsay Tessier at BinderCon NYC 2015

BinderCon is a little over a month away and you’ve got a ticket, but you still need to raise money for your trip. Crowdfunding is a great way to get help from people in your network who believe in your work. Lindsay Tessier ran a successful crowdfunding campaign last year, so we asked her to share tips with the Binder Community.


Compelling Story

Potential funders are interested in the ‘why.’ They need a reason to care about your campaign. Spend some time thinking about why BinderCon is important to you and what you hope to gain by attending.

“If you show people why it matters to you, they’ll want to support you.”

Once you have your story, complete with the why, add visuals. Create a video, or add photos to your campaign page.


Realistic and specific

Set a realistic goal, and outline the use of funds. Funders want to know where their money is going. For BinderCon, you may want to list line items like transportation, accommodations, and food. Be sure to account for any costs associated with the campaign including crowdfunding platform charges.


Fun Rewards

Offering rewards is a great way to show gratitude to your backers, and make your crowdfunding campaign more fun. Rely more on your skills than on money. You can send a letter, poem, zine, or short story to backers at varying levels. You could even offer to name a character in your next novel after them. Get creative, and offer rewards you can reasonably deliver. Think about the time and effort your rewards require, and play to your strengths.

“I decided to offer personalized book recommendations because I read a lot, and people often ask me for suggestions.”


Social Media Boost

Share your crowdfunding campaign on your social media pages.

“Social media is your friend. The majority of my donations came from Facebook.”

Don’t be afraid to post reminders every few days, because everyone won’t see every post. Monitor the activity, and post where your audience is most responsive. Lindsay noticed that one social media platform yielded better results than another, so she put her time and effort into that one.

Remember that social media works hand-in-hand with in-person contact. Some people prefer to donate cash, so make sure you make that option available. Let people know you’re fundraising to give them the opportunity to donate offline.


Give Updates

Keep your backers in the loop. If you make changes to your rewards, let them know. Invite them to celebrate with you when you hit milestones. After your trip, let them know how it went. A blog post and photos can help them to feel like a part of your experience, and give you the perfect opportunity to thank them again.

For more ideas, check out Lindsay’s Indiegogo campaign. Good luck, and happy fundraising!