End of Year Shoutouts!

Let’s pat ourselves on the back – Bindercon got a shoutout by Mailchimp about our successful Kickstarter campaign!

Although it feels like a little chump change compared to Bustle‘s raising of $15.5 million. Congrats!

We say the more the merrier. Speaking of more – watch four of our favorite women discuss “Millennial Feminism” at Pass the Mic at the 92Y.

As 2014 winds down, the team decided to finish this sentence @BinderCon: “All I want this holiday season is ________”

Twitter Response to Christmas


warm socks! With my commute, I’ve come to truly appreciate my small collection of wooly socks


To get one really good essay done before the end of the year


All I want for the holidays is a self-cleaning desk. And OK, more time to write.

The wishes via Facebook page

Facebook Response Holiday Wish


Someone make these wishes come true! (Cue “Beauty & the Beast”)