How to Promote Your Writing — Tips from Writers (Part 2)

Last month I asked our community of writers for their best tips on how they promote their writing. We collected a cadre of tips and posted them here: “How to Promote Your Writing.” But the tips kept pouring in, so just in case you haven’t completely nailed down every possible way to promote your writing, here are even more tips:

Mutuality Mindset

Julie Schwietert Collazo says, “I don’t love promoting myself–it doesn’t come naturally to me–so I like to look for natural partners and mutually beneficial opportunities. Last year, I spoke on a panel at The New York Times Travel Show about travel in New York State. I was invited to do so by the state tourism board because of my guidebook about the state. This is one of many ways that writers can get away from the screen and promote their work AND connect with natural allies who can promote and support their work (and whose work you can promote and support). You don’t have to sit around and wait for these opportunities to fall in your lap, either; you can go out and pursue them. Within your niche or genre, who/what is your natural partner? How can you work together to reach mutual goals?”

 Throw a Party

Lillian Ann Slugocki says, “I launched my latest book with a reading/party with four other writers. It got a lot of PR, we got listed in Poets and Writers, profiled in Time Out New York. I kept a blog and a month before the reading, posted interviews w/ the writers. It was great fun and it really worked.”

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee also does readings, signings and classes whenever her books come out, and adds, “The event is an excuse to send out press releases and announcements to local and national media to keep you and your work in the forefront long after it’s been published.” Cecilia ties in her events to the theme of her books including cooking classes for her cookbooks, and tastings and slideshows for her travel guides. She notes, “The more interactive the event, the better, I think.”

How can you make your book launch party or other event pop with a unique interactive component?

Enlist Friends & Get the Word Out

Laura Shin, a bit of a social maven, says, “When one of my ebooks came out, a friend suggested I ask family and friends to buy it around the same time to boost the ranking. I also participated in several Twitter chats and radio interviews to promote it and made sure to let all my sources know when it came out. Aside from the ebook, I try not to turn down any opportunities to speak at conferences or on webcasts or webinars as long as I feel qualified and have the time. I also share every story I write on all my social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Google Plus, and I tweet each story multiple times since I am sure not all my followers will catch my first tweet of a new story. And again, I share it with all sources since many of them will want to share the story with their network and audience as well.”

Don’t Write Books?

Melanie Padgett Powers says, “I don’t write books so I’m not out to promote my writing as much as my services as a writer and editor. I have found in-person networking invaluable. It really helps to meet people, and if they need your services plus they like you, they’ll be more likely to select you when looking for an editor/writer. People like to work with people they like. It’s human nature, so I work to build long-term, authentic relationships. No BS. I’m honest about what I can provide and how I think we can work together. Opposite of in-person, I find Twitter a valuable tool as well. It doesn’t work for everyone—I think you have to truly love Twitter and, thus, be willing to commit to it. I take part often in tweet chats, which allows me to network and show my expertise in certain areas. I also respond to tweets often. You can’t simply tweet about yourself all the time and not tweet to people. Twitter needs to be a conversation tool for it to be effective.”

Still More Tips & Resources:

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