How to Promote Your Writing — Tips from Writers

I recently asked our community of women and gender non-conforming writers to give us some of their best tips for self-promotion.

Here are some of our favorites:

Go Old School

“Believe it or not, post cards with the book cover on front and brief description along with buy info on the back, have been one of my most useful marketing tools. I keep several in my purse, and when people learn I’m a writer, they are the perfect way to tell them more about my book. Many times, people ask for extra cards so they can share them with friends.” -Jeanne Gassman

Become a Social Star (but not “That Writer”)

“Build a large Twitter presence. Tag editors you would like to see your work when you publish.” -Estelle Sobel Erasmus

And just how would you build that presence? Rebecca VanKoot had some suggestions:  “Genuine engagement. Follow people who you read or admire, or whose work is read by the audience you are hoping to reach. Get involved in conversations with them or their followers. Participate in Twitter chat events and conversations around trending hashtags, if they are actually interesting and you have something real to say. When you share links to stuff you love, tag both the author and the publication.”

Rachel Charlene adds, “Avoid being “that writer” who’s always going on and on about their book on social media. It’s annoying, and you just end up clogging people’s feeds with the same thing over and over again. Also – be careful about creating graphics and promo materials on your own. Props to every writer who chooses to take on social media, but be sure you have the skill-level necessary – no one wants to be the writer who has no idea what they’re doing, posts *only* about their book, and shares hideous graphics. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other writers (and graphic designers) for help and feedback!”

Advertise on Facebook

Lauren Hudgins says that Facebook ads are less expensive than you’d think. “You can target people based on their age, gender, location, and interests. Consider posting one of your articles or book listing to your Page and putting a little money behind it. You can run an ad for as little as you like. Try just putting in $5,” she says.

Connect with Other Writers & Practice Pitching

I think interacting with other writers is important. I often share (and tag) essays and stories, contest winners and books that I’m excited about. Cheering for one another is a good way to participate in a community while also getting your name out there.” -Courtney Gillette

Jennifer Baker agrees, and adds:  “Definitely do the pitch sessions and practice. Making those connections where editors and agents see your personality can be helpful to getting your work read and considered more thoughtfully. And second connecting with other writers because you can pump each other up! I’ve maintained contact with several binders I met this year and who have been super generous. Be considerate and polite!”

Still More Tips & Resources:

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We hope these tips help get your creative self-promotion ideas rolling.