LA BinderCon Panel: Being a Writer While Having a Life

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Being a Writer While Having a Life
(Julia Fierro, Claire Bidwell Smith, Natashia Deon, Steph Cha, Caeli Widger)

The writing life requires time, focus, and discipline—in front of the computer screen, and away from it. Crafting and maintaining a “writing life” requires the mastering of an altogether different art form: the balancing act of finding time and energy for your writing, your personal life, and, often, another job (or two). Authors Julia Fierro (Cutting Teeth), Claire Bidwell Smith (Rules of Inheritance and Life After This), Natashia Deon (Grace), Steph Cha (Follow Her Home, Beware Beware & Dead Soon Enough) and Caeli Widger (Real Happy Family) reveal how they successfully juggle writing with day jobs, parenting, teaching, and other life forces, and how they craft a “room of their own” and give themselves “permission” to write–often while managing friends and loved ones who don’t see writing as “real work.”