LA BinderCon Panel: Digital Engagement Across Language Barriers

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Digital Engagement Across Language Barriers
(An Xiao Mina, P. Kim Bui, Daniela Gerson, Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed)

How do you reach an online audience that speaks another language? How do you engage with them and learn from them? How do you report on real-time news in other languages? This panel will look at different approaches to using social media across linguistic divides and will provide practical techniques to implementing them.

In a Los Angeles suburb with a majority Asian population, the police chief learned how to use Weibo (a Twitter-like Chinese social media platform) and transformed his relationship to his immigrant constituents. Last year Reported.ly launched an international newsroom across continents that facilitates conversation and uses social media for real-time reporting across languages. And this year, Meedan, a team building digital tools for global journalism and translation, is launching Bridge, an app to facilitate these connections for journalists, researchers and their communities in real time. They draw from their team’s collective experience translating social media from movements in Egypt and China.

This panel will look at their experiences of connecting people across linguistic divides via social media on local and international levels. It will also look at what producers can do to extend their reach, with emerging software, social media platforms, and growth opportunities.