BinderCon LA FAQ

BinderCon LA crowd shot at UCLA

Where is BinderCon LA 2017 being held?

BinderCon will be held at Carnesale Commons (251 Charles E Young Drive West, off Sunset) on the UCLA campus. Registration and all session rooms at the conference venue are accessible via elevator. All restrooms are wheelchair accessible. BinderCon provides gender neutral bathrooms out of respect for the gender identities of all of our attendees.

A map with walking and driving directions is here.

Why does it say “Venice” or “Malibu” on the schedule? I thought everything was happening at UCLA!

Venice, Malibu, Palisades, and Hermosa refer to the names of rooms at our conference venue. Everything is happening in the same building. For directions, see above.

I’m from out-of-town. Where can I stay?

We have created a tip sheet, which includes information about the location of the conference, as well as lodging options.

Can men attend?

Ticket sales are open to the public, i.e. we cannot regulate who will buy a ticket to attend the conference, and all ticketholders will be admitted. However, all speakers, panelists, scholars and volunteers, will be women, trans, and gender non-conforming people. We ask our male allies to acknowledge and respect the fact that this is a conference for, on, and by women, trans and gender non-conforming writers.

Can I bring my infant/teenager/tween/toddler/mother/babysitter/best friend/significant other with me?

If they’re 18+ and they’ve purchased a ticket, absolutely! We also provide $250 stipends to attendees who need financial assistance to secure childcare during the conference. For more information, please reach out to us at

Can I buy a ticket for just one day?

No. Unfortunately tickets are only available for the entire conference.

I bought a ticket but I can’t attend. Can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, no. But if you’d like to give your ticket to someone else, please get in touch with us to update our registration information.

How can I volunteer?

Information about our volunteer program is available here.

Is there a lactation room at BinderCon?

There will be a designated pumping room available in nearby Covel Commons. One of our volunteers (wearing a pink lanyard at the conference) will be happy to escort you to the location.

What if I have additional questions about accessibility?

Please check out our accessibility page, which includes more information about interpreters, attendants, our quiet room, and assistance with online sign-up. We welcome your questions and feedback at

Does BinderCon have a code of conduct?

Yes. Our code of conduct can be found at

Anything else I should know about attending Bindercon?

We welcome service animals at BinderCon. We ask that our attendees recognize that as tempting as it may be to pet a guide dog, please remember that this dog is responsible for leading someone who cannot see. A person’s safety depends on the dog’s alertness and concentration. Please do not offer food or treats to a service animal.

Please also refrain from using scented products at BinderCon so as to ensure the comfort of all attendees.

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