NYC BinderCon Recap!

It’s been nearly a month since our 3rd BinderCon; our 2nd in NYC! With such a broad range of panels, writers and storytellers, we had the opportunity to learn not only be introspective and learn more about our individual storytelling skills, but also learn more about the stories of the people around us. Here is a round up of blog-posts by BinderCon attendees. We hope to see you at our next conference in LA!

“You Matter. Act Like It.” By Bizzy Coy, culture copywriter

“Learning from Veteran Women Writers” by Aya de Leon, writer

“17 Yoda’isms from BinderCon 2015” by Manju Soni, writer

“Midweek Notes from a Practicing Writer” by Erika Dreifus, author

“Hot and Bothered: Writing About Sexuality” by Gila Lyons, writer