Pitch Your Heart Out, BinderCon Pitch Success Stories

Did you know that in the two years BinderCon has been around we’ve facilitated 1,158 pitch meetings? That’s 1,158 meetings between writers and agents, editors, and publishers. Every BinderCon offers the opportunity for attendees to add on Speed Pitch sessions to their agenda. Below are just some of the many success stories from pitch meetings at BinderCon.Speed Pitch Stats

A few pitch success stories:

Michelle Marie Robles Wallace pitched Arielle Pardes of Vice and sold the piece, “The Artists Using the US-Mexico Border as a Blank Canvas“!

Lisa Rabasca Roepe sold her story “Are Gen X Women Being Squeezed Out Of The Workplace” To Fast Company as a result of her Speed Pitch session with a Fast Company editor. Here’s what she had to say:

“Fast Company is a publication I read all the time but I never would have the guts to pitch them without the opportunity to speed pitch their editor at BinderCon. I am so thrilled to have pitched this article and then had this published on their site…This would not have been possible without the support of BinderCon. In fact, just about every one of my freelancing gigs can be traced back to the support I get from other Binders so thank you!

Osayi Endolyn met her agent Monica Odem, of Bradford Literary Agency, at BinderCon, not only at Speed Pitch, but by happenstance sat right next to her in one of the panels sessions before as well. To read the full story of how they met, what made Osayi’s pitch stand out and more, read the full email feature.


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