Lucia Brawley
Maris Echeverria
Magdalena Edwards
Robinne Lee
Diana Mendez
Kylie Sparks
Tilda Del Toro
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How to Be a Media Hybrid: Writer / Actor / Producer / Directors Dive into Hollywood

(Lucia Brawley, Marisa Echeverria, Magdalena Edwards, Robinne Lee, Diana Mendez, Kylie Sparks, Tilda Del Toro)
This panel features one moderator and six speakers who will talk about their specific journeys navigating Hollywood, what kind of preparation or formal education they did or didn’t have prior, where their successes and failures have taken them, what future projects lie ahead, and – last but not least – practical tips for attendees. We will discuss networking, collaboration, whether or not you need an agent and how to find one, and how to get paid. The underlying thrust of this panel is an exploration of how the media world is changing and becoming increasingly horizontal, where players can move across interconnected landscapes of publishing, journalism, public speaking, and visual storytelling through theater, film, television, and the Internet. The good news is that hybrids can create their own opportunities and build multiple overlapping networks of peers, mentors, and collaborators. The challenge is what can feel like a relentless juggle. How do hybrids prevent themselves from spreading their energies too thin and what can you gain from saying “no”? How do you balance specific goals with staying flexible so you can spot unexpected opportunities and seize them? These are some of the questions and topics we will tackle during our panel, as we draw on each other’s experiences for inspiration, encouragement, and skill-building.

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