Julia Callahan
kelly forsythe
Michaela Haas
Elizabeth Betsy Marro
Lilliam Rivera
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Life After Launch: How to Balance Book Promotion and Writing for the Long Haul

(Julia Callahan, Kelly Forsythe, Michaela Haas, Elizabeth Marro, Désirée Zamorano, Lilliam Rivera)

Every author expects to promote her book when it is launched but when is it time to stop? And if the answer is “never” then what does she need to do to keep her published book(s) going while finding the time, headspace and energy to write the next one? If the launch fizzled, what are her options? Panelists will share expertise and hard-won lessons from the #Binders Marketing and Forthcoming subgroups. Publicists and authors will describe real cases to provide insights and examples of what works and what doesn’t. The beauty of this session: everything in it will help writers at all phases of the launch/promotion process. Whether they are traditionally published, self-published, working with hybrid presses, or hope to be published,  participants will make helpful connections and come away with resources stored in a shared location they can start using right away or tap into down the road.

No advance sign-up necessary for attendees.