Daniela Blei
Andrea Volpe
01 Apr 2017
2:15 pm - 3:45 pm
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The Buddy System: How Writing with a Pal Can Transform Your Productivity

(Daniela Blei, Andrea Volpe)

What writer hasn’t frittered away an afternoon because writing alone, the supposed Shangri-la for every author, can quickly turn into anxious isolation?  Solitude is a necessity, but it’s also among the greatest occupational hazards we face as writers.

There’s a solution. We call it the Buddy System. It’s free. It’s elements are simple: all you need is a compatible writing buddy and the internet. And it works. In this craft and practice workshop, we explain how partnering up transformed our productivity, quelled our anxiety, and got us more and better assignments faster than we could have done alone.

We’ll outline a 6-week Buddy System Starter Kit to get you up and running that covers working with your writing buddy to set goals and prioritize projects, brainstorm ideas and angle pitches, and support each other through the writing process and working with editors. Attendees will leave with tools and techniques they can use to decrease isolation and increase productivity.

Online sign up has closed. Paper copies of workshop, speed pitch, and Saturday lunch table sign-ups will be at registration on Saturday. If there was a workshop or a panel you were hoping to attend, you are welcome to show up in person and a volunteer will check if there is space available.