Elena Bergeron

Writer, editor


Writer and editor Elena Bergeron focuses on digital storytelling across all sports for SB Nation. Prior to joining SB Nation, Bergeron was founding editor-in-chief of Triangle Offense, a basketball and lifestyle site owned and operated by Complex Media. Formerly a staff writer at ESPN The Magazine for over a decade, Bergeron served as lead college basketball reporter and covered the NBA and action sports. She’s also written about technology, pop culture and design for such titles as Fast Company, Sports On Earth, Red Bulletin, and NPR and co-hosted the Monosodium Glutamate podcast. The New Orleans native remains a lockdown perimeter defender.

Looking for pitches on off-the-beaten-path sporting events (1000-2000 words) and profiles of athletes or fans who have atypical stories that resonate universally (any length). Pro tip: we publish a high volume of content daily from a fairly large staff of experts. Freelance pitches that stand out the most, and get greenlit the fastest, are shorter (think 500-1000 words) and focus on telling our audience about something fun or offbeat that will help them better appreciate sports.