Lorraine Currelley

Writer, Coach


Lorraine Currelley is a trained and skilled Mental Health Counselor. She has passions for encouraging writers at all levels and others to take those critical steps in realizing their writing and life goals. She is the author of Stepping into Your Life, Defining and Owning Your  Purpose, Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts, Inc. Publishers. She utilizes her training and Biblio-Coaching, a term she coined, in her practices to assist writers and others in the achieving of their goals..

Lorraine is a poet, writer and Pearls of Wisdom Storyteller. She is widely anthologized and facilitates poetry and creative writing workshops. She has been recognized by arts and literary organizations for her work and commitment to serving the literary community, via her organization Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. She is the founder/director of Mental Health & Advocacy, Poets Network & Exchange, Inc., and The Currelley Literary Journal. For more information, please go  to