Marqueeda LaStar

Social Media Team


As a freelancing unicorn, I help to create and support inclusive online communities with engaging social media content and conversation. Having a lifelong passion for the worlds of science, comics, and pop culture, I now explore these subjects from the intersection of overlapping identities through mobile journalism. I live to create cool, weird stuff and as new media enthusiast, I co-host podcasts, produce web series and develop mobile apps.

Currently, I am the community manager and social media curator of A society and lifestyle site and online community that explores the intersection of being a black woman and nerdy. We strive to be a resource for our members with podcasts, articles, and videos that illustrate a variety of career opportunities within writing, film, comics and related industries and the various ways one can enter those fields.

Other professions included karaoke superstar, laser & zombie tag advocate and solid gold dancer.

Twitter handle: @lastargotnext