Rita M. Augustine



Rita M. Augustine is a professional WGA screenwriter living in Los Angeles, California. She’s a graduate of the Master’s Degree Program in Screenwriting at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she won the Screenwriters’ Showcase, Jack Nicholson Award, and Sloan Screenwriting Competition.

She’s developed projects in Hollywood with executives at 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., and other studios, as well as with various producers, agents, and managers including Paradigm, Energy Entertainment, and Convergence Entertainment. She’s done work-for-hire for international companies and producers including Tivoli Entertainment in Berlin, Shoreline Entertainment in Los Angeles, Sky Films in Budapest, Double-Edge Entertainment and Chic Productions in Taipei, H. Kemeny in Vancouver, DreamTube Entertainment and Yi Shang Media Group in Shanghai, and LeVision Pictures and Tangyu Film & TV Culture Studio in Beijing, among others.

She wrote a late-stage draft of King of Fighters, based on the SNK Playmore videogame, that went into production in Vancouver with Hong-Kong action director Gordon Chan and starred Maggie Q, Sean Faris, and Ray Park. She also spent time on location in Shanghai where she led story development on a feature triology based on the classic ancient Chinese text Creation of the Gods and in Beijing where she created story for the East-meets-West buddy-comedy Forbidden City. Last year, for Docler Entertainment, she rewrote the script TenCommandments 2.0 with top-grossing Hungarian director Gábor Herendi and acclaimed Hungarian screenwriter Réka Divinyi to help the project appeal to a broader international audience.

Most recently, she’s been working with producer Peter Shiao of Orb Media and Rick Porras, coproducer of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, to develop a feature-film adaptation of The Immortals: Fate, the first of a four-book series by prolific Taiwanese fantasy martial arts writer Shiao Yi. It’s planned to be a $30 million Chinese-language production for the Chinese audience, with preproduction starting in July 2016. In addition she was hired by LA-based Das Films and Los Angeles-Bejing Studios to rewrite her award-winning science-fiction script Ice Moon Rising. Director David Twohy (Pitch Black and the Riddick Chronicles) is now attached, and they are currently attaching an A-list actor to lead the $45 million Chinese-American coproduction that’s scheduled to shoot in the late summer. In addition, Los Angeles-Beijing Studios has optioned five of Rita’s scripts and treatments for future Chinese-American co-productions.