Suzy Khimm

Suzy Khimm

Senior Editor, The New Republic


Suzy Khimm is a senior editor at The New Republic, where she covers national politics and policy.

Previously, she was a national reporter at MSNBC and a staff reporter at The Washington Post, where she helped launch Wonkblog. Before coming to Washington, she worked in Brazil and Southeast Asia, where she covered everything from São Paulo prison riots to the Khmer Rouge war crimes tribunal. She’s contributed to the Economist, Slate, Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal Asia. Her feature on the death of an Appalachian coal-mining town was a finalist for the 2013 Society of Business Editors and Writers awards.

She regularly makes television and radio appearances, including spots on NPR, MSNBC, and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. She lives in Washington DC, and you can follow her on Twitter here and read her work here.