Sponsor Shout-Out: The Harnisch Foundation

harnisch2The Harnisch Foundation has been encouraging philanthropy, investing in entrepreneurial journalism, and funding research into professional coaching since 1998. What all these things have in common is a search for improving people’s lives with great ideas the Foundation seeks out. As the Harnisch Foundation puts it: “We are collaborative and inclusive. Our projects often showcase the work of others, and we act as a convener.”

We are so grateful that the Harnisch Foundation chose to invest in us and in women and gender-nonconforming writers through their support of BinderCon, and we wanted to let you know how else they could help you directly.

The Harnisch Foundation has a long history of supporting innovative models of entrepreneurial journalism, which have the potential to upend the old model that has left women and people of color behind. One project they’ve supported that we really love is the Op Ed Project,¬†which seeks to diversify the range of expert voices being heard in the media by giving those experts media training and connecting them with journalists.

And new this year, the Harnisch Foundation has gotten on board with the Awesome Foundation, starting its own chapter called Awesome Without Borders, which gives out $1,000 grants every week to people with an awesome idea that will help the world. You don’t have to be part of a non-profit; you don’t even need to live in the States. Just have an awesome idea and apply here.¬†(Just take a look at least; the form is so straightforward, you might be inspired!)