Sponsor Shout-Out: Bustle

Bustle and BinderCon have a lot in common. We’re both dedicated to sharing fresh voices and opinions, and helping writers find a place for their words online. Editor-in-chief Kate Ward explains Bustle’s goal as “[reaching] every millennial woman there is in the US”– which is something we can definitely get behind here at BinderCon. Bustle’s published pieces on everything from Halloween costumes you can wear to work to body positivity to the presidential debates to 90s slang and everything in between. We love their approach to covering the infinitely diverse topics women are interested in writing about and reading, and that there’s one more site out there that creates a space for diverse female voices online. That’s always a plus!

Not surprisingly, the Bustle team knows a whole lot about pitching – which is why Bustle’s Senior Features Editor Rachel Krantz is leading our Pitching 101 workshop at BinderCon. She’ll be offering tips on what to say (and more importantly, what not to say) in your initial correspondence with editors, as well as advice on how to appear professional and concise when you pitch to any publication. The session takes place Saturday, November 7th – the day before Speed Pitch – so you can soak up all of Rachel’s amazing tips in time to test-drive them on the editors you’re pitching!

And that’s not all: Bustle’s also the sponsor of all the fantastic workshops taking place at this year’s BinderCon. Excited to learn about podcasting, contracts, copywriting, and grants? You can thank our friends at Bustle for making those sessions possible.

Want to show your gratitude to Bustle for helping make BinderCon a possibility? Share the Bustle love! You can support them by following them on Facebook and Twitter, checking out their rad YouTube channel, and, of course, sending your pitches their way!