Sponsor Shout-Out: BuzzFeed

Okay, we don’t need to tell you what BuzzFeed is. We probably don’t need to tell you about their commitment to diversity and fair hiring practices either. But perhaps you missed it when they, without reservation, spelled out their allegiance to feminism on Tumblr.

That’s pretty awesome. And it’s just one of the reasons why we at BinderCon are so proud to name BuzzFeed as one of our generous sponsors. We have them to thank for our conference’s VIP party.

Whether it’s a clever list or an essay, BuzzFeed regularly runs content foregrounding people writing at the margins of society. Take, for instance, this essay by Lindsay King-Miller on queer partnership, the frustrations of trying to conceive, and the homophobia inherent to conceptions of pregnancy and childbirth. Or Tracy Clayton, writing on her experiences with racism in southern fraternities. And then, of course, there’s this fabulous rewriting of Harry Potter, where Witch Supreme Hermione Granger is the protagonist. Alana Massey talks frankly about treating strippers with respect.

To say that the above pieces are just the tip of the iceberg is a vast understatement. Keep BuzzFeed on your radar for all sorts of progressive, feminist content – we certainly do. And we’ll be thrilled to raise a glass to them at our VIP party. Rock on, BuzzFeed, BinderCon loves you!