Sponsor Shout-Out: Ms. Magazine

If you took a gender studies class in college, then you’ve certainly heard the name Gloria Steinem. And in the midst of working rigorously at the forefront of second wave feminism, she co-founded Ms. Magazine. Since 1971, the publication has been a linchpin in the world of feminist journalism, asserting that it is “more than a magazine – a movement!” And as BinderCon continues its own movement as a space to empower women and gender non-conforming writers, we are grateful to count Ms. Magazine as one of our supporters.

Ms. Magazine can claim a number of firsts: the first to publish a cover story on sexual and domestic abuse, to spearhead and then run a study on date rape, and to feature well-known women speaking out against anti-abortion laws. (Read more about Ms. Magazine‘s initiatives here)

And even if you don’t have a subscription to Ms. Magazine, their site offers plenty of excellent and important reading material. Check out, for example, this study on the dangers faced by abortion providers. The article¬†“Injustice League” explores the submerged epidemic of domestic abuse in the NFL. The site also links to a great page of feminist resources.

Ms. Magazine started so much of the work that we at BinderCon are striving to continue. Many, many thanks for your support.