Sponsor Shout-Out: The Harnisch Foundation

BinderCon is all about inspiring women: and Ruth Ann Harnisch is definitely inspiring. From her pioneering journalism and newsroom work in the 1970s to her philanthropic support of causes that help women and girls (as well as other minorities and silenced and disadvantaged individuals) make similar strides in their professions and personal lives.

As Ruth Ann put it herself to MSNBC in March of 2015, “We invest in journalism because people make decisions based on information, so we support diverse voices presenting high quality reliably sourced information to equip people to make decisions about their government, their health, their work.” We love that the Harnisch foundation puts so much time, effort, and funding into ensuring we have richer, more representative conversations in our media.

In the same interview, Ruth Ann explained the goals of the Harnisch Foundation, ones we whole heartedly support. “I hope the next generation will see every person as worthy of dignity and respectful treatment,” she said. “My hope is for a world in which everyone’s contributions are valued, in which individuals are free to fulfill their potential and are supported in their choices.” Amen to that!

We’re so pleased to be counted among the causes that the Harnisch Foundation supports, and to have a sponsor who has so long been devoted to our shared goal— to engage more women’s voices in conversation and celebrate the stories we have to tell. Thanks to the generosity of the Harnisch Foundation, we’ll be recording and archiving all BinderCon panels – and livestreaming all programming that takes place in the Cooper Union Great Hall (head over to our sessions page [http://nyc.bindercon.com/sessions] for more details on what’s being livestreamed).

And that’s not all: the Harnisch Foundation has also brought their decades of expertise to BinderCon NY 2015 session Blurred Lines: The Complicated Relationship Between Journalism and Documentary Filmmaking. Featured on this panel are award-winning filmmaker and Academy Award-nominated director Jehane Noujaim, Emmy award-winning documentary and news producer Alexandra Dean, cinematographer and director Kirsten Johnson, and Rada Film Group co-founder Michèle Stephenson.

We’re deeply grateful to the Harnisch Foundation for their commitment to promoting women’s voices. If you want to thank them, too, show them some love by following them on Facebook, Twitter, checking out the content in their Media Vault, apply for an Awesome Without Borders grant, and check out the current projects we’re proud to stand next to!