Sponsor Shout-Out: TinyLetter

If one (or ten) aren’t showing up in your email each week, then you’ve at least heard of TinyLetter. And this makes sense, seeing as the TinyLetter newsletter has become a uniquely intimate and creative way to correspond with people. And as fellow binder and On the Media podcast host Meredith Haggerty has discussed, women in particular seem to be turning to TinyLetter as a way to write about their experiences without reservations or self-censorship.

The possibilities for TinyLetter are many and various. BinderCon Advisor and super-journalist Ann Friedman writes weekly, rounding up excellent reading, endorsements, GIFs, and updates on her own work and appearances. Jezebel.com Features Editor and music aficionado Jia Tolentino curates a weekly “mixtape.”  Charlotte Shane chronicles and reflects upon her experiences in sex work (she is featured in Meredith’s podcast). And lately Sulagna Misra has begun one on pitching – a process necessary to a writer’s work, but something that can also be quite anxiety producing.

The networking and communities forged from these communication channels have revealed themselves to be vital sources of support and emotional sustenance. We’re fortunate to TinyLetter for making this–free!– service available to us. It seems fitting that this company would stand up to support BinderCon, and we are grateful to them for that.