LA BinderCon Panel: Tense & Sensibility: Ways to Tackle Tragedy in Young Adult

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Tense & Sensibility: Ways to Tackle Tragedy in Young Adult
(Brandy Colbert, Isabel Quintero, Lissa Price, Lilliam Rivera, Elizabeth Ross)

Whether you are writing a light-hearted novel, an action-packed fantasy, or a story in a contemporary setting, tackling tense emotional scenes can be tricky in young adult literature. Sometimes writers quickly fall prey to clichés, shying away from exposing real hurt for fear of alienating readers. But young adult readers can smell a fake. How can writers approach tense scenes without losing the young adult voice? Five award-winning young adult authors share how they navigate tragedy through the use of humor, action, even poetry. They will share tips on finding the right balance in your own writing while keeping the authentic young adult voice while offering examples of novels that exemplify the work.