What BinderCon Means to Laura Shin

Laura Shin

We are so grateful to have Laura Shin on our Board of Advisors. Laura is a full-time freelancer with a prolific portfolio and track record of generously helping and educating other freelancers, so they can achieve financial stability in an ever-changing industry. You may have even taken her “Financially Successful Freelancing” or “Pretty Standard” contracts workshop at one of our events! Here’s why Laura believes in BinderCon:

I’ve long lamented the male-dominated leadership of many of the newsrooms I’ve worked in. I’ve wept at the VIDA literary count breakdowns showing how few women writers get bylines in our mainstream publications and how few female authors books get reviewed. And as a freelancer, I’ve wondered countless times whether my pitches would have had a different reception if I had had a white male name. Going to BinderCon and seeing so many different kinds of women writers pitching, connecting and sharing their knowledge transformed all those feelings of negativity into inspiration, hope and keyboard-pounding motivation. And to top it all off, the speeches, panels and workshops are the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking of any writing conference I’ve attended. We all strive to make our world the place we imagine it should be, but BinderCon does it more smartly than almost any organization around. – Laura Shin

If you believe in the work BinderCon is doing to create an inspirational and intersectional community of writers, join the movement and donate today. There are only 14 days left until our Fund Drive ends!